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Cocktail bar: Cocktailshaker Lowie knows how to surprise you with surprising cocktails in the the runway  

Sandwich bar: The sandwichbar in the warehouse offers sandwiches, snacks & drinks

Pasta bar: The runway is the right address for a fresh salad or a delicious pasta. Meanwhile enjoy the shows!
Gin tonic bar: The DJ will look after the atmosphere while you nip at your Gin Tonic in The Warehouse. Hungry? Taste our homemade wraps!

Fast-food & drinks: This bar is centrally situated between The Hang-out and The Runway. Make your choice out of warm and cold sandwiches, spaghetti and freshly homemade soup.

Hang-out bistro bar: We offer you the menu in the Hang-out bistro


  • Salad of salmon with fresh cheese -
  • Thaï Salad (Chinese noodles with marinated prawns)
  • Veggie Lasagna


  • Osso Bucco
  • Pasta Scampi
  • Chicon gratin